The key to staying organized?  Don't think you will remember your to-do's without writing them down!  I have lists for home projects, travel dreams, party ideas, and even friends' birthdays!
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Confession time... I will spend four hours making cookies or a cake but dinner better not take me longer than thirty minutes to make... better yet- lets just order out!
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I love to travel to national parks and always try to make sure getting out in nature is included in my travel plans...
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Q- where were you born?
A: I was born in Chicago

Q: who was your first concert?
A: John Denver when I was 14

Q: what is your favorite meal?
A: I am 100% a steak and potatoes girl - unless I am eating pasta...

Q: what has been your favorite place to visit to date?
A: it's a toss up between Norway and Switzerland (did I mention I am a mountain loving girl too?)

Q: what is your favorite candy bar?
A: Crunch Bar!!!

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