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August 11, 2020


It’s launch time and I couldn’t be more excited! So many things going through my head! I have written down all my blog post ideas and let me tell you- I have so much to share! Between favorite family recipes (expect those to mainly be cookies btw 😂), as well as step by step directions on how we have tackled any of our recent DIY projects, travel itineraries (finally a place to share all of those fun trips we have taken!), and of course lots of home decorating ideas – I am just so happy to have a place to share all of this with all of you!

I cannot express my deepest gratitude for all of you starting this journey with me and supporting my desire to share all the things! I promise I will make it worth your time to come here and check in with me!

Let’s start with a handful of fun facts about me (and if any of you are following me on Instagram already- you may know most of these!)…

  • I am a middle child of three girls – one lives in WI, one lives in Nashville, and I am here in San Diego
  • I do not like going in ANY body of water… and I own a pool that I have gone in maybe three times 🤷‍♀️
  • I have a sweet and salty addiction… in fact- I cannot end my meal without something sweet… it’s been a huge problem now that I am getting older (slower metabolism anyone?)
  • I have lists for all my want to do’s – home projects, travel, parties… and they go all the way to the year 2030 (it will be fun to see how many of those items I actually do!)

Well that’s enough about me for now! Thank you all again for joining me in this fun journey!

One of the last professional family photos we took (Dec 2016)-
we are overdue for more ☺️



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  1. Barb says:

    Congratulations on starting your blog. You are doing a Great job!

  2. You are so cute! Love this post!

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