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Eight of the Best Places for Breakfast in San Diego

December 20, 2021

Breakfast is my FAVORITE MEAL EVER!

Like I would eat pancakes, hash browns, eggs, french toast, etc, etc, ALL DAY LONG.

So I would like to also think I am a pretty dang good author for this best places for breakfast in San Diego post!!

That said – I am also a breakfast snob so I would never dream of putting a crappy breakfast restaurant on my list for you!

If you are looking for a yummy dinner restaurant in San Diego – be sure to check out my list of favorites here!

In a rush?

great maple best breakfast spots in san diego county donuts

Morning Glory

My husband, daughter, her friend, and I recently ate at this AMAZING restaurant to celebrate my 51st birthday and can I just say YES TO EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BREAKFAST PLACE!

It has 100% become #1 on my breakfast list!

They do not take reservations and usually have at least a one hour wait but luckily it is in a fun part of town and people watching is a great way to pass the wait time.

Plus it is WORTH THE WAIT!

I promise!

Shorehouse Kitchen

I have eaten at the second location of this restaurant in Carlsbad up in North County and LOVE every single thing I have ever ordered!

I went to college in La Jolla and can tell you that the location of the La Jolla restaurant cannot be better. Especially if you are planning a day at La Jolla Shores or snorkeling or kayaking in the area!!

best breakfast spots in san diego county shorehouse kitchen eggs and steak

Breakfast Republic

This SoCal chain is a huge favorite in California!

The original location is in North Park – see website link above for all eleven (currently anyway ;0) locations…

I just listed my two favorite locations above for you but there are MANY locations to choose from.

This eclectic and fun eatery is a must eat for all!


And then come back here and thank me…

Cafe Topes

One of my local favorites with super homey photogenic decor.

Cafe Topes is located off the main street in a very quaint North County town called Carlsbad.

The main street in Carlsbad is worthy of a morning stroll for shopping after you fill up on this restaurant’s fare!

Great Maple

Another breakfast spot with multiple SoCal locations – my favorite location being at my favorite mall in La Jolla!

My husband has a maple addiction so I never have to twist his arm to eat at this delicious restaurant (which is always succeeded by a visit to said mall 🤪👍🏻).

In case you are wondering – it’s location at UTC is right below Nordstrom’s soooo…. take that as you will :)!

It is also one of the only restaurants on this breakfast/lunch list that you can actually make a reservation at – and if you are an impatient soul that cannot stand waiting for breakfast – this is your place!

Well with your reservation that is 😉.

FYI – you can also eat at Great Maple Restaurants for dinner!!


I know, I know – this is a chain across the nation.

But it is still pretty dang good. And worthy of noting that it has multiple locations in SoCal.

I am giving you the Del Mar one – because if you are just visiting San Diego and not a local – Del Mar should 100% be on your to-do list for our beautiful city!

And their food is one of my favorites – even if it is a chain 😂.

Beach Plum Kitchen

Another one of my local haunts.

I always get the Strawberry Shortcake pancakes and hash browns… the crumble on top gets me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

Cafe Gratitude

The San Diego location of this LA based plant based chain is in one of my favorite dining neighborhoods of the county – Little Italy!

It comes highly recommended by my good friend Kim from KimLivLife who says it is her favorite vegan restaurant for breakfast ;)!

This brings me to the end of my super yummy and clearly appetizing best spots for breakfast in San Diego list!

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great maple best breakfast spots in san diego county donuts
best breakfast spots in san diego snooze cocktails del mar location

Life is short, the world is wide.

I want to make some memories.

~Mamma Mia

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Have a wonderful day my friend! I hope something makes you smile today ;).

While most of these photos are my own, I used photos from some of the above mentioned Instagram accounts with permission. I have eaten at every restaurant on this list and all opinions are my own.



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