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Five Reasons You Should Book a Photo Shoot with Flytographer

January 10, 2022

Photos are my favorite memento when I travel. So I be sure to book a Flytographer photo shoot on most of my big trips now and here is why!!

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Are most of your vacation photos selfies??

Yea – same… until I decided to book a photo shoot with Flytographer in 2018 when my husband and I went to Europe to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

I had randomly found this company via a Bachelor Nation Instagram account.

I know, I know – I probably shouldn’t fess up to that guilty pleasure of mine.

But if you follow me on Instagram – you probably already know anyway!

In a rush?

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camera spacer travel photography

There is No Better Memento than Photos

T-shirts are not a long term travel memento idea. In fact – I hate to say it – but they are actually kinda a cheesy travel memento!

Don’t do it!


Like I mentioned above, I have been booking a photo shoot with Flytographer since summer 2018.

Actually truth be told – I booked TWO shoots for that summer. In the same trip 🤷‍♀️.

Company policy is to give you 30 unedited photos from your 60 minute shoot within 5 days of your scheduled photo shoot. But we have always gotten way more than 30 photos from our shoots! Kindness and fun go a long way ;)!

You can also schedule a longer or shorter photo shoot and get a different amount of photos! Be sure to check it out if you are still on the fence :).

If the unedited piece to that agreement is a negative – have you tried Snapseed or Lightroom?

It is sooo easy to change a few things about a photo with those two apps so unedited photos should not be your reason to not get these amazing mementos…

Flytographer only hires professional photographers. In fact, every one of the photographers that we have picked from Flytographer also have their own photography companies with websites that showcase their talents.

And every single time I talk to our photographers, I want them to be our kids’ wedding photographers.

It’s going to be pretty hard to choose at this point!

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They Can Give You Insider Tips on the Place You are Visiting

Our very first experience with Flytographer was in Prague, Czech Republic with Eliska. And she was AMAZING.

She knows Prague like the back of her hand. Told us all the fun (less crowded!) places to go and what her favorite restaurants are.

In fact, after our shoot, Eliska took us to a favorite place of hers to get a beer! How fun is that?? I just wish I remembered the name of the place for you – maybe I will ask Eliska!

Okay – I literally just asked her on WhatsApp – and the fun bar with live music (and she reminded me really good ribs!) was called Napa Bar ;)!

Did I mention that every photographer we have had that has an Instagram account – we are friends on IG now??

book a photo shoot with flytographer travel photographer travel photography prague czech republic photography
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It is a Fun Way to Meet a Local

Our London photographer, Rajesh, was absolutely sooo much fun to explore with!

If you are a talker like I am – meeting someone new in a country you are visiting is a blast! Add that they are pretty much your own personal photographer walking around their city with you and it’s just a fun perk!

Our scheduled time with Rajesh was 10am. But Rajesh didn’t live in the city proper and had another appointment at 5pm that evening… sooo instead of hanging out in London alone – he spent the day with us and took us to all of his favorite places in London!!

I am currently writing that blog post for our Christmas trip to London and you can be sure I am excited to share with you everywhere Rajesh took us!!

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You Will Treasure Them FOREVER

Don’t you just LOVE looking at old photos?? I just wish I knew about Flytographer back when I was traveling with my kids.

I don’t have many good photos from all the great places we went with them and tbh most of the photos I have are even somewhat blurry :(.

Even if my kids would have copped an attitude about the photo shoots (which I KNOW my son would have!) – I would have treasured every single capture of us!

Okay – enough about that…

We actually did do one photo shoot in September 2020 (yup – year of the pandemic) right here in my hometown of San Diego. I had a photo shoot scheduled for our trip to Greece that summer for my 50th birthday which I obviously canceled so figured why not use the credit and get a good Christmas card this year?

I didn’t have a whole lot of family photos from 2020 (since we were all pretty much in sweats or pajamas the entire year) – so getting gussied up for a family photo shoot was enjoyable.

Well at least for me and my girls – do boys ever like getting their photo taken???

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You Can Save with my Code

Saved the best for last 😎. If you use the code PASHAISHOME you can save $25 on your first photo shoot!

I am an affilate of Flytographer and make a commission on your shoot at no additional cost to you. And clearly you can see that I am kinda obsessed with this company sooo I would not be suggesting this to you if I didn’t love it!

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Flytographer Gift Cards Make a Great Gift Too!!

I gave my mother in law a Flytographer gift card for Christmas last year.

2021 has not been the year of travel for most of us – so if she doesn’t end up using it with my father in law for any adventures soon – she will probably book a shoot including my family and my sister in law and her husband.

But how fun would this be to give to a couple for their honeymoon?? Or babymoon? Or a big birthday?? The possibilities are endless!!!

camera spacer travel photography

My Photo Shoot Galleries

I am going to share a few of my favorites from the photo shoots we have had in the last three years with the names of the photographers we met in hopes it will help you book your Flytographer photo shoot today!

book a photo shoot with flytographer travel photographer travel photography prague czech republic photography

Photographer Eliska in Prague, Czech Republic in June 2018

camera spacer travel photography
book a photo shoot zurich switzerland flytographer travel photo shoot

Photographer Veronika in Zurich, Switzerland in July 2018

camera spacer travel photography
london england united kingdom flytographer photo shoot travel photography

Photographer Rajesh in London, England in December 2018

camera spacer travel photography
amalfi coast flytographer photo shoot sisters trip travel photography

Photographer Andrea in Positano in July 2019 – my daughters went on a sisters’ trip together to celebrate my youngest’s high school graduation ;).

camera spacer travel photography
copenhagen denmark travel photography flytographer photo shoot

Photographer Martina in Copenhagen, Denmark in August 2019

camera spacer travel photography
vienna austria flytographer photo shoot travel photographer

Photographer Natascha in Vienna, Austria in December 2019

camera spacer travel photography
san diego photographer balboa park travel photography flytographer photo shoot

Photographer Bree in San Diego in September 2020

camera spacer travel photography
savannah georgia photographer travel photography flytographer photo shoot

Photographer Amia in Savannah, Georgia in July 2021

camera spacer travel photography

I hope this post was inspiration enough for you to book a Flytographer photo shoot!!

I promise you – you will not regret it one bit!!!

Like I said above, I am still in contact with a few of my photographers.

With the Covid pandemic, their industry has been hit REALLY hard. I have attached the website links above to the photographers that gave me their website addresses in case you want to check them out that way ;)!

I have heard from two of them that have told me their industry has been all but shut down. So help them out and hire a photographer!!

Flytographer has a new program offering headshots too – and almost all of us need a nice photo of ourselves at some point or other – don’t we??

camera spacer travel photography

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Our last Flytographer photo shoot was literally just last month in Savannah, Georgia! You can read my travel guide for that charming city here and advice on where to stay here!

Life is short, the world is wide.

I want to make some memories.

~Mamma Mia

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As always, I love hearing from you!!

I make every effort to reply to every comment below. But if for some reason I missed it – please feel free to contact me here.

Have a wonderful day my friend! I hope something makes you smile today ;).



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  1. Anne Zirkle says:

    I love this idea, Pasha! We hired a photographer in Charleston for our 20th anniversary trip and I’ve wanted to do it again. You’ve inspired me to check out this great option for finding a photographer!

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