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February 14, 2021

It’s National Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Did you even know this was a thing?? Do you remember when I shared my lemon meringue pie recipe with you and I told you I had accidentally bought a marketing calendar instead of a day planner? Well that calendar sure is coming in handy for blog post ideas!

And honestly – I cannot think of a better idea for a blog post today than ideas on how to celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness week – can you?

random acts of kindness week

My family recently experienced a tragic loss of a young woman that was like a daughter/sister to us. While this loss has been heartbreaking for us, I cannot tell you how touched I was with all the acts of kindness we have experienced over this last month.

We were also given the gift of being there for our loved one’s mom, dad, and little sister in truly their biggest time of need. While this was most certainly not random as far as acts of kindness go – the feeling I get when I think about being there for them to have helped them through this unimaginable situation is one of peace.

With that being said, I have been doing some googling and thinking about what we all could do this week (and hopefully carry forward to continue these kindnesses) to help make anyone’s life we come across – whether stranger or not – filled with a little bit of kindness.

Here is What I Came Up With:

1. Give a Stranger a Compliment.

Have you ever been in public, doing your own thing and all of a sudden a stranger gives you a compliment? It has happened to me a few times, and let me tell you – that smile on my face afterwards lasts for a while!

random acts of kindness week

In fact – the smile you get when you are the giver of the compliment lasts just as long! So go do it today – it is free after all! Compliment away!

2. Send Flowers to Someone for No Reason.

I seriously do not think sending flowers is ever a bad idea! Ever.

We recently received a few bouquets from some sweet people in our lives from Farm Girl Flowers after the loss of our loved one. Can I just tell you – the packaging alone is worth using this company. I promise you – you will love this company as much as I do already!

random acts of kindness week

3. Leave a Sweet Note on Someone’s Car Windshield

Has this ever happened to you? I mean a nice letter not a mean one telling you you are a horrible parker (yup – gotten a few of those in my days…).

When my husband and I were just dating, he would leave little notes on my car. Funny how often you can get those sweet notes right when you need them most – isn’t it?

You can do this for anyone – friend, neighbor, stranger – it’s easy!!

4. Let Someone Cut in Front of You in Line.

Seriously the best feeling ever! Especially if you are someone like me and ALWAYS have an overly full cart. I do this kindness act a lot and let me tell you – it just feels right :).

5. Hide a Love Note.

OMG. Love this! My husband is THE BEST at this! Like really really good at it… I wish I could say I do the same but nope. But maybe I will get my act together now that I am typing this blog post???

random acts of kindness week

6. Make Dinner for a Family in Need.

I have recently been on the receiving end of this act of kindness and let me tell you how touched my family was. We had just gotten home from helping our loved one’s family in a different state with the death and immediately jumped in to start planning the memorial. Pizza and take out tacos have become a staple in my house lately. So when a kind community member insisted on bringing us a home cooked meal – I felt guilty but also relieved. Honestly, one of the most touching acts of kindness I have felt these past few weeks.

Trust me – this one is appreciated – even if the recipient doesn’t have the brain power at the time to make sure you know how much it is appreciated…

7. Help Someone in a Jam

As long as I am writing about how I personally have been the recipient of random acts of kindness, I would be remiss to not mention the incredible acts of kindness over 25 church members showed my family last spring when we had a massive mudslide in our backyard.

To this day, I honestly do not even know most of the names of the people that came with their wheelbarrows and helped us dig out 10 dump truck loads of mud from my pool and backyard. But I will NEVER EVER forget that they came to help. Now that is the biggest form of an act of kindness that anyone could ever receive… (and on the off chance that any of my blog subscribers are actually people that DID come and help us – THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!)

8. Pray for Someone in Need

You don’t even have to be a super religious person (me) but I do love to pray. It just feels good. And when I know there are so many people out there that need our prayers- this one really doesn’t cost anything to do.

random acts of kindness week

9. Pay for the Person Behind You in Line at the Counter or Drive-through

We have all seen this one on tv – right? Personally I have never experienced this or done it but have always wanted to… so guess what I will be doing this week???!!

10. Let Someone into Your Lane.

Isn’t this the best??? I mean – don’t you feel awesome when you wave that person in to your lane while driving? I kinda feel like we are friends once I do that friendly wave… we are – right??

And FYI – the complete opposite of this is NOT letting someone in to your lane… that is kinda the worst… don’t be that person.

11. Make Someone Laugh.

I am absolutely HORRIBLE at joke telling… but meme sharing? Yup – I got you. In case you don’t know what memes are – let me share some with you:

12. Talk to the Shy One at the Event.

Have you ever walked in to a room and felt super uncomfortable because it just seems there is no one there for you to talk to? Just me? Well here is your chance to make someone feel not so awkward. Find that wallflower and make them feel at ease :).

13. Hold the Elevator or Door for Someone.

This seems to me to just be proper manners… but nonetheless, it absolutely counts as an act of kindness. Plus I love it when it happens for me :).

random acts of kindness week

14. Add Time to Someone’s Parking Meter.

Love this one! Feels sooooo good to help a fellow driver out to not get a ticket – doesn’t it? I mean parking tickets are the worst!

15. Say Something Encouraging to that Person You See Struggling.

How often are you someplace and you see a parent struggling with their kids? Or anyone being challenged by a physical situation – whether because of medical impairments or otherwise? Now is the time to give those words of encouragement to those people. Trust me – they need to hear them! At least I know from experience – that struggling mom needs words of encouragement :)!

random acts of kindness week

16. Smile at Someone That Looks Sad.

Just always do this. Although currently the world is wearing masks due to an international pandemic but when that stops – hopefully the smiling at each other can start right up again…

17. Offer to Take a Photo of Someone Attempting to Take an Awkward Selfie.

When I am traveling and want a good photo of me and whoever I am traveling with – it’s always soooo uncomfortable asking a stranger to stop and take that photo for me. A few times, I have had strangers walking by offer to take my photo and OMG this is the best! Why don’t more people offer to do this???

Now I pretty much always offer to take that photo for other people – and you know what? It is always filled with fun convo and laughs! And so fun to talk to people when you are traveling!

18. Last and Certainly Not Least – BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

We all know our own love language (and if you don’t know what those are – go read about them!) – so why aren’t we speaking our love language to ourselves? Is yours quality time? Then spend some time with yourself doing something you love! Is it words of affirmation – then say nice things to yourself… just do yourself a favor – and be kind to yourself!

random acts of kindness week

Well – I could probably go on and on and on with ideas for random acts of kindness week but honestly, for my first blog post in over three weeks – I am kinda pooped. Lots of brain power is entailed with writing blog posts…

I hope you enjoyed this kindness post though and hopefully are leaving here thinking – oh yea – that’s a great idea! And even though this current week is random acts of kindness week – lets try to make acts of kindness a year round part of our lives – shall we???

Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day btw!



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  1. Anna Vroom says:

    Pasha, I love these random acts of kindness ideas! My favorite is leaving a note on a neighbors windshield! Iā€™m going to do this! šŸ’— The peonies photo is beautiful šŸ˜‰šŸ™šŸ’«šŸ’•šŸ’•

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