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Bright and Airy Summer Home Tour

June 16, 2021

Hi friends!

It is unofficially summer and time to open up our homes and backyards to friends and family!

And it’s time for a bright and airy summer home tour too!!

My first summer event will be hosting a backyard BBQ for 4th of July and I am so excited! My backyard has had a complete remodel in the last 14 months and is competely ready for the fun to start!

I will be sharing all the details of that in the coming weeks but for now – let’s stick to the inside of my home shall we??

I am so excited to be joining an amazing group of women this week to be sharing our summer homes with all of you!

An extra warm shoutout to my sweet friend Kelly from The Tattered Pew for including me in this group!

If you are coming here from Aliya at Open Doors Open Hearts – WELCOME!

You will find a little bit of everything here at Pasha is Home – some DIY’s, some decor ideas, some recipes, some life stories and some travel suggestions! Basically everything I am passionate about!

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This blog post will be focusing on my downstairs spaces and how I keep them simple and airy for the summertime!

“A good first impression can work wonders.”

– J.K. Rowling

Front Porch

Bright and Airy summer home tour

I love a quality door mat! This Hello one is from McGee and Co from about four years ago and is still in amazing shape! But of course they don’t make it anymore… I found a similar one here for you though ;)!

Those patriotic pillows are from one of my favorite pillow shops called Linen and Ivory. You can get 10% off with code PASHAISHOME!!

Did you guys remember that blue is my FAVORITE color?? Like – of all time?? So when I saw this gorgeous rug online three years ago – it kinda was a done deal for me… 🤷‍♀️. Here is a similar updated version of it!

My husband and I organized our garage last fall and the most shocking part about my home decor supply for my husband was my wreath collection… yea I will admit – I have quite a few and I love every one of them!!

Here is a similar style to the one currently on my door ;)!


Bright and Airy summer home tour

Did you read my blog post a couple of weeks ago about my simple patriotic decor?? If you did – you know I love these neutral flags from the shop Something Gray. I kinda have quite a few of them tbh. But I leave my patriotic decor up for most of July so I figure it’s a really good investment – right??

I just found that top book at a gift shop when I was on my girls weekend in Hermosa Beach last weekend (and then found it $5 cheaper at Amazon and ordered it right then…).

The wooden beads are from another favorite small shop of mine called Minty Salvage ;).

Dining Room

Bright and Airy summer home tour

I know most of my content creator friends keep their dining room tables all set up for a dinner party… I am not one of those people. My dining room table is pretty bare as a matter of fact.

I even leave the extensions in my table… why put them away when you know the next time you are going to use the table, you will have to put them back in??

I am in love with this oversized white bowl though – tempted to buy a second one for in my kitchen (which is where this one was before I moved it here…).

Green moss balls are such an economical way to fill space for the summer months! I have them in three different sizes too!

Living Room

Bright and Airy summer home tour

If you follow me on Instagram – you know that I call my living room the Christmas tree room. This is because we seriously do not use this room for anything but our Christmas tree 🤪.

Wait – that’s not true – I also sometimes sit on that chair and put my sneakers on…

Since it is clearly not Christmas time right now – this room stays looking just like this from January to September. Well – I change the little things in this photo – like the pillow on the chair. And the flags on the mantel. And the flowers in the crocks. But that is pretty much it for changes here…

That rolling cart is a fun little piece I purchased a couple of years ago and fill with seasonal items too!

Bright and Airy summer home tour

This is the view of our Christmas tree room from our front door. I added those shelves under the stairs a few years after we moved in… talk about a builder not taking advantage of perfectly good decorative AND storage space!!!

Many of those decor items I found at local small shops. But the white house in the left top cubby is actually a Christmas decoration I purchased last year – so never rule out using those seasonal items throughout the year!!

Bright and Airy summer home tour

I found these stadium seats on ETSY! I saw them first on an Instagram friend’s feed about three years ago and started my hunt for my own. Never did find any locally – so thank goodness for online shopping – right?

Planter and beads are from one of my favorite local gift shops and the pillow is from Faith and Chloe’s Etsy shop (another one of my favorite online small shops ☺️).


Bright and Airy summer home tour

Have you ever thought of putting a little something something on your stairs landing?? I honestly never once thought about it until I saw it on another Instagram friend’s account. It is sooooo much fun to decorate this little corner of my home!

Who would have thought???

The basket is no longer available from Target but here is something similar!

Not sure if you have noticed – but all the plants in my house are faux 🙊. I just can’t keep anything alive… I tried with a pothos plant. Didn’t get longer than a year…

But luckily for me – Amazon and Target have got my back with some really great real looking AND affordable faux options!!

Family Room

Bright and Airy summer home tour

Dried lavender from Amazon for the win here! The rest of the items are from local small shops…

Have you heard of the rule of threes for decorating? I don’t always follow that rule TBH – but try to as much as I can. Like I did here. I just picked three items from my everyday decor stash who’s colors seemed to go together and voila!

Bright and Airy summer home tour

Lambs ear stems are one of my most favorite faux stems to use for everyday decor. Actually I even use it for seasonal decor. It is truly one of the most versatile stems you can have in your house… so be like me – and buy multiple stems in various sizes of this plant!


The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. I have spent years changing the things about my kitchen that my builder did that just didn’t feel like me. Believe it or not – I am not quite done yet 🤪.

For now – these open shelves are where I personalize and decorate my kitchen for the different seasons.

Bright and Airy summer home tour

See how I used simple faux flowers on these shelves? And another one of my favorite decorative items – fabric wrapped books :).

I have written an entire blog post about items I am currently obsessed with – you can read it here! But now that I think about it – I don’t think I added lambs ear stems to that list 😳.

This home tour has been so much fun to share with all of you!! Thank you so much for joining me – I have loved having you with me!

Be sure to pin the photo below for future inspiration!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the amazing bloggers below for their summer home tours as well – especially my friend Kim’s from Shiplap and Shelves :).

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    Your summer decorations are so pretty, pasha! I especially love the little patriotic touches and of course, the lambs ear!

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  18. I just love every detail of your summer decor. Your home is so bright and beautiful. So fun to be hopping with you.

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    Absolutely gorgeous! I love how you subtly included some patriotic decor, too!

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    Pasha, your home is lovely! I especially like your charming entry–it’s so inviting! Have a Lovely summer! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

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    I love it all, pasha! absolutely beautiful!

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  28. I just love the airy feel you’ve created throughout your home, Pasha! You have such a knack for combining beautiful vintage pieces with contemporary items. So happy to be touring with you today!

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    Everything is so pretty pasha! Love the coastal vibes for summer!

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