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Nine Things I Am Kinda Obsessed with Right Now

May 29, 2021

I seem to go in waves as far as what I am obsessing on depending on my current state of mind and interests.

Are you the same way?

As I am sitting here thinking about what my current faves are – I realized quite a few of the items on the list rarely change.

However a handful have.

For example makeup. Twelve months ago, I just wasn’t looking for makeup.


I was looking at sweats. And comfy clothes.

But now that the world is opening back up and we will all be seeing more of each other again (including our whole faces SOON!) – I now need to figure out makeup again…

ALSO! I have been lucky enough to be the guest host with the Welcome Home Saturday bunch again!! Check out all the fun blog posts at the end of this post from some amazing blogger buddies! For those of you that are new here-HI!! If ya want to know a little more about me – be sure to check out the About Me section of my blog ;)!

And a huge shoutout to my good friend Kelly The Tattered Pew for including me again in this fun weekly post she does!

And now – here are the nine things I am kinda obsessed with right now:

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

Be sure to pin the image below to reference all these fun suggestions on items you need in your life right now! 😎

Nine things I am kinda obsessed with right now


I looovvvee decorating with books – photo books, coffee table books, fabric covered books, and even actual READING books (whoa – that’s crazy!).

FYI – I am an avid reader – have even been in a book club for over 15 years HOWEVER I have found in my old age, it is much easier to read said books on my iPad now that my eyes are so much more tired…so actual reading books aren’t all that common in my house anymore ðŸĪŠ.

Here are just a few places I have used books to decorate in my house:

Family Room Mantel

Nine Things I Am Kinda Obsessed with Right Now

Upstairs Loft Space Built In

Nine Things I Am Kinda Obsessed with Right Now


Nine Things I Am Kinda Obsessed with Right Now

Stairwell Landing

Nine Things I Am Kinda Obsessed with Right Now


I 100% have Instagram to blame for my crock obsession that started two years ago.

I am embarassed to tell you how many I now have in my house… actually, I don’t think I even know the answer to that question anymore anyway.

I do know that my mom has a super large 15 gallon one from her grandma on her side porch that I have already subtly and kindly asked her to mention in her will how much I would love receiving it 😉. Ahem- sisters – did you catch that??!!

Crocks can be used for so many different things – most of mine have either faux trees, plants, or flowers in them:

Nine Things I Am Kinda Obsessed with Right Now
Nine Things I Am Kinda Obsessed with Right Now

BiFold Doors

Okay, okay – this one I actually do not even currently have in my home. But I saw them in a model home about ten years ago and ever since then have been OBSESSED. Like bad…

And yes – I priced out replacing my big kitchen slider with them over ten years ago… I have no hesitation in saying that in the next few years, this will finally happen! So just stay tuned for that home improvement.

Nine Things I Am Kinda Obsessed with Right Now

Oh – and funny story about bifold doors:

My 25yo daughter and I were chatting about home decorating one afternoon and she wasn’t really all that into our conversation. Okay – maybe I was doing the talking while she was sitting in the kitchen doing a horrible job of pretending to listen and engage with me.

Somehow my conversation turned to my bifold door obsession and her ears perked up.

Like really perked up – like look up from her phone, stop in her tracks, look up at me and say – wait- what are bifold doors?

So I tried to explain them as best I could to her and all of a sudden she screams “OMG YES YOU HAVE TO GET THEM! I AM OBSESSED WITH THEM TOO! I JUST NEVER KNEW WHAT THEY WERE CALLED!”

So there you have it – I have to get them now… my daughter says so…

Day Planners

Did any of you read my blog posts on planning? Or budgeting?? Well- if you did – you know I kinda have a love affair going with day planners. And I think I always have… or at least since I was in college.

Truth be told, I bought four different planners this last year to see which one I liked the best. And yes – I found this one! And gave two of the other ones to my daughters and then the other one to Goodwill – boy I hope someone was happy with that find!

Nine Things I Am Kinda Obsessed with Right Now


Yup – you heard me correctly… socks. I do not wear slippers. In fact, I kinda hate slippers. But warm, cozy, thick, fuzzy socks?? Yea I got those.

In fact, I might even have about 20+ pairs of them. Is that a problem??

My latest sock buying craze is to buy them when I am traveling. Cuz how fun is it to put your cozy socks on that bring back a happy memory?? Sooo much better than a cheezy t-shirt if you ask me…

Makeup and Skin Care Products

I recently decided I better start taking better care of my skin.

Yea- I’m that girl that goes to bed with her makeup on. In my defense – I do not wear all that much makeup and I rub my face and eyes all day long so by the end of the day – I really do not think I have that much makeup on anyway 😂.

I recently went to Vegas with my 25yo daughter and all we bought was makeup!

I bought three different types of face creams (I think I finally found a favorite), a new tinted moisturizer (I don’t wear foundation – it’s too heavy for me), and five different types of mascara.

The multiple mascaras are because the display stand at Nordstrom’s gave me different benefits to each one – how am I supposed to know which one I will like the best unless I can use them all for a short period of time?

Although – now I have decided to put all four on every single day.

So no- I did not make my makeup routine faster with that obsession ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļ.

Faux Trees and Plants

Sadly, I did not get my mom’s green thumb. In fact, I am kinda the furthest thing from her green thumb. What color do they call that? Black?

One of my best friends even convinced me to buy a Pothos plant last spring. I don’t have the heart to tell her that plant is no longer in my house…

So here I am, over here in sunny California, buying up all the faux plants and trees…

Nine Things I Am Kinda Obsessed with Right Now

Backyard Furniture

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know the whole saga of the great mudslide that started our backyard remodel last year. I always say everything happens for a reason and boy oh boy did we get the message from above that our backyard needed some attention…

Nine Things I Am Kinda Obsessed with Right Now

That said – I have become rather preoccupied with making our backyard one heck of a socializing yard. Covid couldn’t hold me back from hosting large gatherings forever!!

I have found some really fun items for our yard lately and am now just chomping at the bit to invite the gang over soon!

We have a few more weeks of backyard updates and then I can write a blog post showcasing all my fun changes in hopes of giving you some ideas for your yard (if ya need them that is!).


Because – well duh! My travel bug is HUGE right now. Like really huge… I am currently waiting for prices to London to go down on British Airways so I can get my butt over the pond ✈ïļ.

But until that happens – I have some fun trips I recently went on to share with you!

Did you follow along on my Instagram stories for any of them?

I hit up Sonoma Valley in Northern CA, Zion National Park with a quick stop in Vegas (as mentioned above), and Door County, Wisconsin (my mom, sister, and I had a really fun girls trip after her daughter’s college graduation!).

You can read my tips on spending two days in Sonoma Valley here! And on Tuesday, I will be publishing my Zion National Park post so stay tuned!!

Zion National Park

It’s been a long 15 months with not a whole heck of a lot of travel involved for most of us so I cannot imagine I am the only one ready to get out there again!

And if you are looking for some inspiration – check out the travel section of this blog!

It is slowly but surely filling up with all my memorable experiences around the globe in hopes of inspiring you and helping you plan an adventure to someplace I have been!

Sonoma County wine field

For now – I am looking forward to an upcoming summer trip to Savannah, GA and the Outer Banks area of North Carolina. Both new places to me so if you have any tips – please let me know!!

Okay – well that’s my list of nine things I am kinda obsessed with right now!

Hope this post was a fun one to read – let me know if you are obsessed with any of the same things!!

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