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Christmas Gift Guide for Older Women

November 24, 2020

When I first asked my mom, mother in law, and surrogate mom figure in my life for help putting together a Christmas gift guide for older women, I didn’t lump myself into this group. Then this morning I was doing the dishes and thinking of a title (which originally had the word Grandma in it) and realized my 52 year old sister is a new Grandma and so are many of my friends. So reality hit – and I realized well I am in this genre too I guess ðŸĪŠ.

These women (and I) came up with some great ideas that I am excited to share with you here!

Anything Kate Spade

When this “item” suggestion was texted to me – I was like well that’s kinda vague… and then I started googling Kate Spade items and I actually found multiple items that were on all the lists that were suggested to me! Here are just a few of the fun items from Kate Spade that I found:

Christmas gift guide for older women
These earrings are so pretty aren’t they?
Christmas gift guide for older women
Reading glasses are a staple in most older women’s lives – why not be stylish too?
Kate Spade sunglasses are equally as fun as reading glasses…
Christmas gift guide for older women
A Kate Spade bucket hat? Yes please!

Pretty Trinket Dishes

Christmas gift guide for older women
Trinket dishes can be used everywhere – and a monogrammed one is perfect!
Here is another pretty trinket dish
Christmas gift guide for older women
Another option that is not monogrammed

A Comfy Robe

Christmas gift guide for older women

My mother in law gave me this option with the specific that it is black – she suggested sometimes older women will go outside to get their mail and in case they are seen – they will want a pretty bathrobe! Couldn’t argue with that!!

Ugg Slippers

Awesome slippers obviously go perfect with the robe!!

A Cute Hat for Those No-Wash Days

Christmas gift guide for older women
I love this hat!!!
Another super cute option!
Christmas gift guide for older women
A black cloche is so stylish!

Nice Post Earrings

Love these gold post earrings!
Christmas gift guide for older women
So many color options with these earrings
These post earrings are so unique and pretty

Facial Hair Remover

Christmas gift guide for older women

A woman who is like my second mom told me she personally uses this facial removal product and can’t live without it! Sounds like it is something I need to get for myself 😂. This is the time of year where the saying one for you one for me seems to be a common theme for me ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļ.

Rothys Shoes

The same mom swears by these Rothys shoes! Funny thing is – I have seen them around a lot lately. They say they are really comfortable for traveling even! Guess this is another one for you one for me item 😂.

A Pretty Bowl or Platter

Christmas gift guide for older women

For the woman that loves to host her family and friends – a serving bowl or platter is a perfect idea! Actually – a pretty bowl can also be used for decor around the house so this is probably an easy choice for anyone!

This platter is so beautiful!

I have put together a whole collection of platters and bowls for you to choose from:

A Nice Kitchen Item

I have had my eye on this electric kettle for a while now. I think it would look really cute on my holiday hot cocoa bar. But this isn’t about me right now – I would be surprised if someone was unhappy to open this gift on Christmas morning!

I have owned this tea kettle for almost ten years and I am not even kidding when I tell you it heats the water crazy fast AND is stunning on your stovetop!

You can really never ever go wrong with a new slow cooker – especially one as pretty as this one!

Cozy Clothes

I recently bought this cozy shirt jacket for myself and I kinda want to live in it… its that comfy and soft! I absolutely know anyone would love to receive this as a gift!

This brand is new to me and holy cow do I feel like I have been missing out for years! The shorts and sweats that I have bought from this brand are seriously the softest bottoms I have in my closet!!

A Personalized Necklace

Two years ago, my oldest daughter bought me this personalized necklace with all three of my children’s birthdates on it. It is one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry. So much so that I wear it every time I travel as my good luck charm âĪïļ.

A Flytographer Gift Card

A little over two years ago, I discovered the company Flytographer and have loved using them ever since then! With travel being practically stopped this year, I had a credit for a session I had booked for our cancelled trip to Greece. I ended up using this credit to take family photos here in our hometown a couple of months ago.

A gift card for this company can literally be used anywhere in the world with as many people (or pets) as the recipient wants (sometimes there is an additional fee if there is a big group to photograph though). Honestly, this right here would be my most favorite gift to receive if I were a grandma – well that and my family just committing to the time to take the family photos with me!! But it’s great to get beautiful photos on the long awaited trip as well!

I hope this Christmas gift guide for older women helps you find something fun for the older woman in your life! I know after writing this post, I am pretty excited about treating myself… maybe I should wait until after Christmas to do that though?

If you need more help shopping for the hard to shop for men in your life or Gen Z/Millennial women in your life – be sure to check out those posts too!

Here are all the items in this blog post with a few more fun items for you to look through:



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  1. Anna Vroom says:

    Your Christmas gift guide for older women is perfect!! Thank you for putting this list together as it will make my shopping a lot easier for my mom and Mother-in-law. I do have to say there are quite a few items on the list I would love for myself 😉😂

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