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Little Bits of Christmas Everywhere

November 22, 2020

2020 has certainly been one memorable year. More than ever, I feel like a lot of us are trying to put little bits of Christmas everywhere in order to get in the spirit. As my kids have grown older, so many of our family traditions as well as decorations have had to adjust to their new lives and schedules. This year is just making us make even more changes I guess…

As I have been decorating my home for Christmas these last three weeks, I have loved making sure there are pretty little Christmas reminders all around my house. I have found it gives me a little smile as I turn the corner and see either twinkle lights from a mini tree or some type of memorabilia I have taken out as Christmas decor.

Here are just a few of my ideas on how to put little bits of Christmas everywhere to help you smile this season as well!

Keep Old Family Christmas Cards to Use as Decor Year by Year

Little bits of Christmas

I have kept a copy of every Christmas card I have sent since we got married in 1993. I used to write a big long letter with each card. But for the last five years, I have finally figured out how to summarize my family’s year into one paragraph and put on the back of the card. For those of you that know me (or heck -even those of you that are just getting to know me through this blog) – you know what a feat that is for me!! I rarely summarize ANYTHING πŸ˜‚! So keeping these cards year after year is almost like a mini family journal 😎.

We had a talented handyman friend make us this permanent shiplap board at the entrance to the hallway to my kids’ rooms. It is the perfect place to put up all our old Christmas cards since our family was completed in 2001 with our youngest ☺️.

Little bits of Christmas
This is a further back view of our shiplap board – to the left is the hallway to our three kids’ rooms.

Decorate Little Corners in Hallways and Staircases

A few years ago, I started putting little bits of decor in a few different small spaces in my house. It is so fun to see these little reminders of this happy season! This year more than ever…

Little bits of Christmas

This is the end of the hallway between my two girls’ bedrooms. It is such a fun place to just put a little bit of holiday cheer! The sign is from a Junk in the Trunk Market I attended a few years ago. I just got the Joy pillow this year – actually bought a couple of them for a few different places in the house ☺️.

The stool is also new this year – it comes unfinished so you can pick any color/stain you want it to be! You can find the fun bells here!

Little bits of Christmas

There is a small little landing on my stairwell that I have this little vintage table on with a basket from Target and some empty wrapped boxes (my go to decor item all around the house!).

The “always Believe” sign is from one of my favorite Etsy shops that I buy many of my various decor items from. Definitely worth checking out (and obviously supporting a small business!).

This pre-lit tree is on a timer so is the perfect little tree for this space!

Little Bits of Christmas in the Laundry Room

Little bits of Christmas

Just a little bit of decor in the most used room in the house after the kitchen! Couldn’t resist this fun sign when I saw it on Etsy a few years ago πŸŽ„. Might as well feel some Christmas joy in the room that usually brings the least amount of joy πŸ˜‚.

Festive Shelf Styling

Many of the shelves around my house have bits of Christmas decor on them. It is another fun way to get in the holiday mood!

Little bits of Christmas
This is on the shelf next to our family room television πŸŽ„
Little bits of Christmas
You can also just drape a few bells on top of books on your shelves as decor!

This is the built in in my bedroom. It is the first thing I look at when I wake up in the morning (well- after I look at my bedroom Christmas tree that is!). The wooden noel sign and garland are from Hobby Lobby. The Merry Christmas sign is from another Etsy shop that has so many cute items for you to check out!

These are the cubbies below my stairwell. I have enjoyed changing out some of the items on these shelves for festive decor!

Festive Signs on Counters Throughout the House

Little bits of Christmas

I clearly love using signs for decor in many places around my house! This one is on the countertop of our hallway linen cabinet πŸŽ„. This is another small business that is fun to support and that makes beautiful signs!

Christmas Spatulas in the Kitchen Add Christmas Cheer

I have mentioned before that I love to buy spatulas for all the different holidays. It makes me happy to use these utensils while doing my holiday baking! This is where I always find my holiday spatulas. I have purchased from other stores before but honestly I am always disappointed with the quality of them. I now stick to buying them here for every holiday!

Decor in the Powder Bath or Guest Bath

I add simple touches to the powder bathroom that my guests during the season will use. Bath and Body Works makes such fun holiday soaps! I use these mini mercury ornaments all around my house – they are a super easy item to decorate with…

I have purchased multiples of this holiday candle this year so that I can use them for hostess gifts as well as here in this bathroom. The packaging alone for these candles is seriously so adorable!

Tree Stumps as Decor

This is the tradition that my family has been doing since 1993 that is probably on the top of my favorite decorations list. I have to give my husband credit for this one though (as hard as that is for me πŸ˜‚).

On our first Christmas as a married couple, we were at the tree farm and the young man working there told us it is better for the longevity of the tree if we cut off a sliver from the trunk. My husband asked to keep this sliver and every year since then we have kept this little piece of our holiday. We write the year on the trunk as well as our address, ages, and anything special about that specific holiday.

It is so much fun to look at the little trunk slice that started this tradition over 30 years ago. About seven years ago, we started letting the kids pick the family tree without any influence from us while we go to the tree lot. Needless to say, our trunk slices tripled in size from that point on as the kids have been picking the biggest tree in the lot πŸ€ͺ.

As you are decorating your house this year, I hope you find lots of little places to add bits of Christmas cheer. This year has obviously been like none other that any of us have lived through. Even if you are struggling through this holiday season, I hope you are able to spruce up your house in the littlest of ways – especially with memories from happier holidays and look forward to even this year bringing the simplest of joys. We just might need to look a little bit harder for them this year ❀️.

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