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Five New Items I Added to My Christmas Decor This Year

November 15, 2020

Have you started your Christmas decorating this year? I have added a few new items to my Christmas decor this year and I am loving them!! I figured now is the time to share these items with you before they sell out.

I have noticed inventory is smaller and shipping takes quite a bit longer so if you are looking to add a few new items to your Christmas decor – now is the time to be buying!

Here are a few of my favorite new items:

Metal Reindeers

Items I Added to My Christmas Decor This Year

I have purchased these brass reindeers in the small and medium sizes and LOVE them!! They are so pretty and simple – two of my favorite traits!

Items I Added to My Christmas Decor This Year

And the small bronze reindeer on the top shelf in this photo is the perfect size to add to a vignette with some bottle brush trees ☺️.

Neutral Stockings

When my youngest first saw this photo, her first question for me was “What about our childhood stockings”? So truth be told here – these ones are just for show. I reassured my daughter I will always use their original mismatched stockings on Christmas morning… but these sure are pretty aren’t they? The price was right for stockings that are just decorative too!

Items I Added to My Christmas Decor This Year

Both of these stocking styles are currently backordered however they are due to ship December 1st if you order them now! Here is the link to my LiketoKnow.It post with alternatives


Items I Added to My Christmas Decor This Year

These are my favorite new bells!! I love the sound they make and the size… I am using them on my mantel decor as well as here on my stairs but I am sure I could find multiple places for them all over my house!!

Here is the link to my LiketoKnow.It post with all my favorite bells from multiple sources!


I started noticing white houses being used in Christmas decor last year but didn’t buy any. This year I have found so many that I like… it was kinda hard to choose which ones to buy so I bought multiples… and yes I have found places around the house for all of them!!

Items I Added to My Christmas Decor This Year
I bought the entire set of five of these houses and have one on my open shelves in my kitchen!

I love this house I got a few weeks ago – might need to go back for the other sizes! These can easily be used year round as decor!!

White Berry Stems

In keeping with my trend to lean towards whites and neutrals for the last eight months (yes – it totally matches up with the pandemic timing… 🤷‍♀️) – I have found some really pretty white berry stems that I have been using in a few containers around my house.

And don’t worry – there is still plenty of red decor around my house… I have just been swapping out some of the colorful items for the more neutral items this year…

Items I Added to My Christmas Decor This Year

Here are all of my favorite faux stems and floral arrangements that I have been using in my decor this year:

I know many of these items are already on backorder or even sold out… 2020 has definitely been a tough year for shopping. Probably a good thing though as I am sure most of our wallets have been tightened this year. My grocery bill has skyrocketed this year so that is definitely taking away a chunk of my Christmas decor budget 🤷‍♀️.

I will be writing a blog post in the next week or two with how I have been using free or relatively low cost decorative items around the house this season! Stay tuned for that post!



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