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Six Fun Fall Activities To Do This Season

September 17, 2020

Are you looking for some fun things to do this fall season? This post lists my favorite things to do from now until November! Some things may be different this year due to Covid but I am sure hoping to get out there and make the best of this incredible fall season! Here is my list of six fun fall activities to do this season:

Fun fall things to do this season

Decorate your house

This kinda seems like a duh to me because I know you wouldn’t actually be here reading my blog if you have no interest in decorating your home ðŸĪŠ. There are soooo many fun ways to decorate your home for this season! I wrote a post with some of my favorite fall items to decorate with that you should check out for inspiration! I love to use pumpkins, hay bales, apples, and leaves. This year I added a faux fall aspen tree from Balsam Hill to my fall decor! The aspen tree is my favorite tree and when I saw the FALL yellow aspen tree on their website- I just knew I had to have it 🍁.

My faux aspen tree!


Travel to fall foliage destinations. When my oldest daughter started attending University of Oregon many years ago, I was so excited to have this reason to visit a place with gorgeous fall foliage every year. Their football games were another perk to that experience :). My husband and I have taken some great fall foliage trips since then- Vermont, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and North Carolina. I hope to see so many other beautiful fall destinations in my future!

fun fall things to do this season
Vermont in fall had been on my bucket list for years!
six fun fall things to do this season
Great Smoky Mountain NP is famous for its fall foliage

Host a fall dinner party

The air is crisp and the twinkle lights can be turned on earlier so now is the perfect time to gather a group of your closest friends and have an outdoor dinner party. I have already texted my best friends and asked who’s available for the date I want to do my October dinner party this year (hopefully my friends love the perks of being close friends with a blogger ðŸĪŠ). I plan to decorate my large outdoor table with sunflowers and pumpkins and we already have Costco Edison Lights hanging in our backyard to set the mood. But the part I am most excited about- figuring out which yummy fall cocktail I plan to serve my best friends ðŸĨƒ. I will definitely be doing another blog post with all the details on this fun fall gathering I am planning!

My table decor from last year’s fall dinner party

Visit a corn maze or go apple picking

When my kids were younger, we would go to apple picking farms and have a great family day. Most places have apple pie to enjoy and tractor rides to entertain the kids. I definitely have some great memories from these places! We now have a corn maze down the street from where we live – however I have only done it once because tbh- getting lost in them kinda scares me 😂. This local one also does haunted nights at it… definitely not my cup of tea… ðŸ˜ą

six fun fall things to do this season
Nope… not for me… but my husband and kids love it…

Visit a haunted house

Frankly, I am just not sure what the month of October will look like for most of us during this year of the COVID pandemic – I know most outdoor activities are still allowed but clearly a haunted house would be an indoor event so who knows if this will even be an option in 2020. San Diego has an outdoor haunted trail in Balboa Park that my husband has taken the kids to in the past but they have recently announced it won’t be opening this year… their website says our county fairgrounds is trying to put together a drive through haunted attraction – such a crazy year full of adjustments.

Fun fall things to do this season

Visit a pumpkin patch

Go to a pumpkin farm to pick out pumpkins… the photo ops at a place like this are incredible! Not to mention the selection of pumpkins is probably better than any local grocery store! Our local pumpkin patch also has hayrides and I bet they aren’t the only patch doing this 😎. This is also the same place that has the corn maze and I imagine your pumpkin patch will have activities as well so definitely do your research around your own area for what is available!

Fun fall things to do this season
This cute photo is of my youngest daughter a few years ago from our local pumpkin patch

I hope this post inspires you to get out there and enjoy this fall season… even with the craziness of 2020- our focus should be on the little things that can make us happy. Memories can still be made and the holidays can still be enjoyed 🍁.

six fun fall things to do this season

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