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A Country Casual Summer Outdoor Tablescape

July 10, 2021

It’s that time of year!!

The time of year when the sun sets late, the temperatures are perfect, and outside is the ideal place for entertaining friends and family.

I am hosting book club in my backyard this week and decided to share my summer outdoor entertaining ideas with you ;). I also am still planning on writing that blog post on how to start a book club FYI! I promise!!

I am a guest host for Welcome Home Saturday with a lovely group of blogger friends – please be sure to check all of them out below. An extra special thank you to Bethany from Crisp Collective for putting the group together and including me!

summer outdoor tablescape

Outdoor Dining Colors

I have always loved the color blue.

This year, the shade of blue I am most enamored with is pale blue. I have incorporated this color into my decor in my newly updated bedroom (just last week I published a post on my new grid accent wall – you can read that here).

I accidentally happened across these napkins and decided to make them part of my summer outdoor tablescape for when my girlfriends come over this week ;).

summer outdoor tablescape

There is a matching table runner that really set the scene for the neutral yet pretty look I was going for!

summer outdoor tablescape

I love this view of my table overlooking our remodeled pool area.

The table was custom made for me by a good friend who had a similar one for himself in his house. When I saw it at his house – I said – yup I need one too.

And I need it to seat at least 12 people.

I went to a local reclaimed wood warehouse and bought three planks of wood for my friend to work with and voila – my twelve foot long table was built! 💙

Dried Flowers for Table Decor and Napkins

Instead of rushing out to buy fresh flowers the day of my book club dinner party, I decided to make my life simpler and use some of my favorite dried flowers that I always keep on hand.

I have dried ammobium flowers in two different sizes – these are the smaller bud stems but I also have bunches that have buds twice as big.

These flowers are probably my favorite decor item for summer… I seriously have them in multiple places around my house!!

The pitcher is a new find this summer and is 100% the perfect size to put in the middle of a table and still be able to see the person on the other side! In fact – I may have to go back and buy a few more 🤷‍♀️.

I used twine to make a simple napkin “ring” and made mini flower bouquets for each place setting for each of my friends to bring home when the evening is over 😊.

summer outdoor tablescape

Outdoor Dining Table Lighting

The lighting on my summer dinner party table was kept super simple with just two battery powered white lanterns (which I literally just bought last summer and they are already discontinued! UGH!)

However! I searched for similar ones for you – and found these solar powered ones by the same company that are pretty close in size so I hope that helps you with your pretty tablescape.

These lanterns are pretty dang useful all year round – but tbh – the solar is kinda throwing me off as I am able to use my battery powered ones inside at Christmas time so I found some battery ones for you also here

I also have about 10-15 votive white candle holders scattered throughout the table that I have used on almost every tablescape I have ever put together 😉.

summer outdoor tablescape

When I replaced my kitchen cabinets with open shelves, I purchased plain white dinner plates that I keep on those shelves. You can read all about my open shelves here btw!

White plates are so incredibly versatile and can also be used for every single dinner party. I just change up the napkins and chargers to get the different seasonal look at each place setting.

The chargers are a new addition to my tablescape options and I loooovveee how simple and neutral they are!

The mason cups are actually repurposed from my Thanksgiving food purchases I make at Williams Sonoma every year. Their cranberry sauce comes in these jars.

I buy two jars of their cranberry sauce every year and have kept the jars to use as everyday cups for over ten years now! You can read about what else I like to buy for Thanksgiving dinner here (talk about thinking ahead – huh??!!).

I did however find pretty similar mason jars for you if you don’t want to wait ten years to repurpose your cranberry sauce jars like I have been doing 😂.

The Bar Cart

It wouldn’t be a perfect summer outdoor entertaining experience without a well stocked bar cart – now would it??

I have mentioned before – I love how easy and delicious the Williams Sonoma mixers are – and this peach mixer DID NOT DISAPPOINT!! I just mix it with some decent vodka – and voila – summer in a cup is served!

I just found this beautiful beverage holder online and am excited to use it for all my parties from here on out- isn’t it a beauty? It was somewhat of a splurge but it is just so pretty – I think splurges like this that make you happy are perfectly okay every once in a while 😉.

summer outdoor tablescape

A Casual and Somewhat Rustic Feel

While my backyard gives off a very casual and somewhat rustic feel, I also want everyone that walks into it to feel welcomed. I am a detail oriented person – and feel it’s the details that set a space apart.

summer outdoor tablescape

However, when it comes down to it – truly the most important thing you can add to your summer outdoor entertaining space is FRIENDS!

So be sure to invite some of your favorite people over this summer.

Because if any of us have learned anything in the last 18 months – it’s that being around the special people in our lives is what makes our lives complete 💙.

Be sure to check out my fellow blogger friends’ posts today as well for more amazing inspiration!

Don’t forget to pin the photo below for your future reference!

summer outdoor tablescape

Home is where one starts from.

~ T.S. Eliot

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I make every effort to reply to every comment below. But if for some reason I missed it – please feel free to contact me here.

Have a wonderful day my friend! I hope something makes you smile today ;).

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    This looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the napkins and table runner. This whole area looks amazing! What a change from landslide pictures!!

  3. Kris says:

    So clean and pretty! Love the neutral colours

  4. Kathleen says:

    Love these ideas!!! Beautifully created outdoor space! I love the use of mason jars as cups. And definitely going to try the WS peach mixer!!! Thank you!!

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