Yes, You Should Definitely Put In Open Shelving!

February 28, 2021

About five years ago, we started a kitchen remodel by replacing our stainless steel sink with a farmhouse sink (in case you want to know more – go read my kitchen remodel post!). Everything about that kitchen remodel was done out of order but at least I got the end result I was looking for :).

put in open shelving

One of my favorite changes I made in the kitchen was to put in open shelving. I have heard so many mixed reviews on this decor feature and I can honestly tell you THEY ARE AWESOME!

These are some of the cons I have heard about open shelving and my two cents on those cons:

  • They get dustier than closed shelves – I kid you not when I say I have not seen any more amount of dust on my dishes or shelves than when they were closed cabinets (I promise!)
  • You don’t have pretty matching dishes to put on them – I don’t know about you but my everyday dishes were LONG OVERDUE for an update… and really I didn’t need much. I bought some simple white dishes, bowls, and mugs. Then I Marie Kondo’ed the rest and what I kept I put in a different closed cabinet :).
  • You are not sure what else to put on them besides dishes. Actually I thought the same dang thing at first. I have had them for a few years now and I can honestly say they have become one of my most favorite places in my house to decorate!!

Now on to the reasons why I love my open shelves!

Pretty much the exact same reasons above!

I read somewhere that unless you use dishes often – they will collect dust. So why not display them out in the open anyway and dust them off when you are ready to use them?? duh 🤷‍♀️

Use the pretty dishes! Alot!! Life is oh so short – stop saving your favorite dishes for another day!

Like I said above – they are sooooo fun to decorate for the different seasons of the year! More on that below :).

They are so freaking easy and convenient. It probably took me all of one day to realize how much I enjoy not having a cabinet door to open and close when I put away my clean dishes… please don’t call me lazy- I swear it’s easier!

Open shelves are sooo fun to decorate!

As I said above, I have had my open shelves for almost four years now and have had a blast decorating them for the various seasons!

Here are just a few of the ways I have decorated them over the years:

This is actually what they look like today ;):

put in open shelving

And this is how I made them festive for Valentine’s Day:

put in open shelving

Decked out for Christmas 🎄

put in open shelving

My Fallified Open Shelves 🍁

put in open shelving

Notice the ginger snap cookies in the above photo? If you want the recipe for them still – here ya go!

This is what I did with them for Fall 2019 (can you find the differences??!!) 🤷‍♀️

put in open shelving

And here is what they looked like for most of 2020:

put in open shelving

Okay – so have I convinced you to take out some cabinets in your kitchen and replace with open shelving yet?

Or if you already have open shelves in your kitchen – maybe this post is helpful in giving you a few ideas on how to decorate them throughout the year 😊.

Here are some of my kitchen favorites:

Happy Shelving!



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  1. The open shelves are so pretty. I’m the most worried about losing storage. We have so little in our home at all. Yours look amazing and you have me staring at my kitchen cabinets pondering!

  2. Mary says:

    Love it! such a good read

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