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Want to Do Some Fall Decor Shopping Together?

August 25, 2020

If you are following me on Instagram you know that this week on my stories I have joined with some friends to talk about where to shop for all the latest fun fall decor finds and what to do with the items once you have them! This year there are sooo many irresistible items out there- between Kirklands, Target, Magnolia, Pottery Barn, and Crate and Barrel… how is a girl to decide??

I spent the day last Sunday going through all of my old fall decor bins to make sure I am not overloading myself with more items to use (not sure if that is even possible but in case it is a thing- I want to at least say I did know what I had first πŸ˜‚).

This is what I found in my garage! 🍁

Now to show you all the fun fall items I have come across online… I may or may not have purchased some of these items as well as some of these items (especially the Etsy items) I have had for years and they never go out of style!

First and foremost – I cannot remember if I told you all already how much i love aspen trees (like obsessively so)… but aspen trees IN FALL is a whole new ball of wax! I am not really sure what it is about them that draws me to them- maybe it’s the flutter sound they make? Or the beautiful yellow color they get in the fall? I am yet to go visit a massive aspen tree grove in fall but I promise you – it is on my fall bucket list!!

So I did a thing… I splurged on this fall aspen tree from Balsam Hill and I can almost guarantee you- this will be my favorite fall item for a very very long time ☺️.

It’s taller than I expected and came in two very large boxes that I had to tear down to get to fit in my recycling bin… but it was totally worth it!

That same day that my pretty aspen tree arrived- I also got a new fall berry wreath from Magnolia. I haven’t quite decided whether this will be a front door wreath, a pantry door wreath, or anywhere else in my house that I decorate with wreaths but I know it will also be a great addition to my fall decor!

I buy a fair amount of my decor items from Etsy and Pottery Barn. I love Pottery Barn’s pumpkin collection this year- I have quite a few of the faux ones but I just noticed they added orange and white Cinderella pumpkins this year!! I might have to add a couple of those to my collection πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ.

They also have these really fun looking weathered stone pumpkins this year that I just know would look soooo good in my new backyard! Speaking of which – did you see last week’s post I made about my backyard?? 😎

I always head over to my local Hobby Lobby for hay bales and fall picks– based on what I found in my garage, I think I might be in good shape for this year’s fall picks but I am hoping to get there this week for my hay bales!

I also just could not resist this adorable doormat for my front porch!

I mean really- isn’t this irresistible?

Now that I have made more seating areas in my backyard, I also was looking for a cute metal fall sign to hang out there… Kirklands is always so helpful to me for those finds!

I have a favorite shop on Etsy where I just LOVE to get my holiday pillow covers. My sweet friend Faith from Faith and Chloe Designs will even make custom pillow covers for me if I find a design I like somewhere else!

The quality of her pillows is honestly sooo amazing!

Every year I also buy the yummy smelling holiday scented dish soaps and hand soaps from Williams Sonoma… another splurge I just cannot resist- especially this time of year!

These throws are on clearance RIGHT NOW at Pottery Barn and I just know the gray one will look perfect mixed in with my fall decor!

I have a few of these felt pumpkins coming in the mail as well. I purchased a couple at a local gift shop last year and am even more obsessed with them this year so when I saw them at Crate and Barrel, I knew I had to have a few more!

So cute!

I am all about lightening and brightening this year so I am going to try to keep my color scheme for this fall season to grays, ivories and muted colors. I still have alot of decor with the deep rich colors of fall and am certainly not planning on doing a complete overhaul of everything I own (plus I think that would give my husband a heart attack..) so I will try to work in these colors as much as I can!

I hope you enjoyed shopping with me today! Let me know what fun items you decide to buy!! Be sure to go follow me on Instagram and watch my stories this week for more fall decor finds!

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