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October 8, 2020

We Did A Kitchen Remodel But In A Backwards Way

kitchen remodel

Our kitchen remodel started with me wanting a farmhouse sink back in 2015.

I thought it would be easy enough to just take out my standard stainless steel sink, cut the granite countertops I had at the time, and throw that baby right in. Wellll..that didn’t happen quite as planned.

First We Changed our Granite Backsplash to be White Subway Tile While We Put in the Farmhouse Sink

A farmhouse sink is set forward quite a bit more than a regular kitchen sink is. This means there would be a space behind the farmhouse sink without any countertop. Resourceful me thought- well why don’t I change out my granite backsplash and use a piece of that to add to the space behind my new farmhouse sink. So we did that and we changed our brown speckled granite backsplash to be white subway tile.

You can find the farmhouse sink we chose here and the faucet here.

When I stood back and looked at my beautiful new white backsplash- it didn’t quite look right with the rest of the materials in my kitchen.

We Painted the Island Cabinets White

So I painted the island white (Frazee – now Sherwin Williams – White Shadow) and added shiplap to the sides of it. I was still not happy with how it was looking.

And Added Shiplap to the Cabinet Sides and the Stove Hood

Then we decided to add shiplap to our stove hood. STILL NOT HAPPY!

Then Added Open Shelves and Glass Cabinet Doors (WHICH I LOVE BTW!)

So the next step I took was to remove the cabinets to the left of the stove and replace with open shelves (which I LOVE btw – you can find them here!) and change the doors to the upper cabinets on the right to be glass.

We Put Subway Tile All the Way to the Ceiling

But by doing this- we needed to add more subway tile to my already in place backsplash that we had done the month before. We decided to go all the way to the ceiling with this change… another change that I am so happy we made! We also added pendant lights over the island and changed the light over the sink. Ask me if I was happy with how it was looking yet though… the answer is still nope.

The Kitchen Remodel Continued With Soapstone Island Countertops

Next attempt I made to make it all flow was to change the island countertop to black soapstone. My review on this material btw is that I LOVE IT!

When I went to the Arizona Tile warehouse to pick it out- they had a whole slap lying around for the clearance price of $740!!! I seriously spent a solid 45 minutes with the salesperson in disbelief (he was too fyi!). We both inspected the slab multiple times and came to the conclusion that it got shoved to the back of the pile where no one ever noticed it was there so the price finally dropped to get rid of it!

I felt so lucky that day as normally that slab would have been around $2000! It is so insanely durable and smooth. It does have a few chips in it from us with our everyday use of it but I am okay with that. I have read if that bothers you the chips can easily be sanded out (but I haven’t tried this yet!).

kitchen remodel
I love these soapstone countertops!!

Then I took another step back and took lots of photos. And decided welp- now the perimeter countertops do not look good. My new soapstone had a crisp sharp edge and my old granite had a bullnose edge so even that alone just looked wonky to me.

I Still Didn’t Like the Look of our Kitchen Remodel So We Replaced the Perimeter Countertops with Lyra Quartz

Sooooo, we replaced the perimeter counters with white quartz (which of course I wasn’t so lucky to find a clearance slab for). The style of our quartz is called Lyra.

When replacing the perimeter countertops, I decided to add a beautiful focal point feature to my kitchen with a Wolf Range. Now obviously this was a HUGE splurge- but we do a lot of hosting around the holidays. And we decided we would enjoy using and looking at this appliance so much that the cost was worth it to us. I have zero regrets with this decision!

kitchen remodel
Love this stretch on our budget!!!

And Yet The Kitchen Remodel Still Didn’t Look Quite Right to Me…

This is the point in the story where I would like to say I was finally happy with this kitchen remodel that started with wanting a farmhouse sink… but nope. I should let you know that the date is now September 2017 (remember we started with the sink back in March 2015 😳).

I was really hesitant to paint my lower cabinets because I have always loved the warmth that wood brings to a room- especially a kitchen!

Finally Decided to Paint the Perimeter Cabinets White

But in the end, in September 2019, I made the decision to paint the lowers a light gray (Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray). I have found other ways to incorporate wood in my kitchen to keep the warmth that I so love.

I am now patiently looking for a new pantry door to replace that standard door that has been there for 17 years.


kitchen remodel

And it all started with a farmhouse sink… I guess this is what you would call the snowball effect… but FYI- even without the new pantry door- I am in love with all the changes I made to my kitchen.

I will tell you- I did it all out of order and probably tortured my contractors that did the work with every change I made. But in the end, it still looks the way I would have wanted it to had I actually sat down six years ago and decided to do a kitchen remodel start to finish 😂.

kitchen remodel
It was sooo worth it!!

My Kitchen Faves 💙



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  3. CINDY FOWLER says:

    Love this beautiful remodel. You did such a wonderful job. Your kitchen is perfect!!!
    Love , Cindy
    @redesignedspace xoxo xoxo 💋

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