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Easy Ways To Add Christmas Decor to Your Bedroom

December 2, 2020

Have you thought about adding Christmas decor to your bedroom? It is honestly one of my most favorite places to decorate. Actually who am I kidding? I love decorating every space in the house! But opening my eyes when I wake up and seeing Christmas decor first thing is definitely pretty awesome!

In years past, I have gone all out with Christmas bedding in all of our bedrooms 🤪. But in more recent years I have decided to keep my life easy and only change out the pillows on the bed, the decor on the bedsteads, add a sign above the beds, and of course a small tree in my master bedroom! Well when I actually list it all out – it now sounds like a lot. Guess you had to see what I used to do for Christmas decor in all the bedrooms 😂.

My Master Bedroom

Our living room Christmas tree is filled with ornaments that are mementos from times we have spent together as a family. Obviously it has the first Christmas ornaments for each baby and a few of the handmade ornaments my kids have made for us. But most of the ornaments are from all of our family travels. I cannot tell you how fun it is to take them out of the box every year and remember where we have gone!

Ornaments on our living room tree

Add a tree

Most of you know my husband and I have been empty nesters for a little over a year now. And with that chapter, we have started traveling without the kids more. Since our living room tree is pretty full with family ornaments, I decided to buy a smaller faux bedroom tree about three years ago. I now fill that tree with all the special ornaments from our empty nester travels

This 4.5 foot bedroom tree from Balsam Hill is the perfect size for my bedroom (for now anyway!). As we make more empty nester memories I assume we will need a bigger tree eventually ☺️.

Put decor on shelves

A few years ago, I had a decent sized built in with a window seat built in our bedroom. This now gives me so many shelves for styling – and changing out my everyday decor for Christmas decor has been so fun these last few years!

Add simple throw pillows

This last year we finally upgraded our bed to be a king sized bed!! With that upgrade came new bedding. I decided to simplify and stick with all white bedding except for the accent pillows. At some point I may end up changing my mind and wanting more color. But I feel with the wood accent wall behind my bed, I have enough going on in my room without adding busy bedding.

So here is my new simple white bedding with just neutral Christmas pillows. Those pillows are unfortunately backordered until February but here are some other options if you are still looking for Christmas bedroom pillows.

Christmas decor to your bedroom

Put a sign above your bed

The sign above my bed is from Smallwood Signs and is really lightweight. I used a staple gun to add the garland from Hobby Lobby to the frame. I stapled it so it doesn’t fall on my head while I am sleeping 😂.

My Girls’ Bedrooms

Did you see my blog post showing you how we did a grid wall in my youngest daughter’s bedroom and wall to wall board and batten in my oldest’s over the summer? It was how we ended up celebrating my 50th birthday 🤷‍♀️. But that fact aside- I couldn’t wait to see these new rooms at Christmas!!

Change the accent pillows or add fun pillow cases and a festive throw on the bed

I kept it easy in both rooms with just changing out the accent pillows (as I mentioned above) and adding a few Christmas decor items.

Christmas decor to your bedroom

Sadly the merry and bright pillow cases are from Pottery Barn last year. I sure wish they would bring back popular decor items year after year… anyone have an in with someone at PB to tell them to stop doing these one and done seasonal decor options 😂?

The red throw is still available though! I have multiple sets of those stacked books with personalized words on them. I love using them for all the different seasons all around the house. They can be such a fun and easy decor item- and a good present to give someone too!

The candle is from one of my favorite small candle shops – Greyden Candle Co. The mason jar with the ribbon is just so cozy!

Christmas decor to your bedroom

I did the same thing as far as keeping it effortless in my youngest daughter’s bedroom. I need to see if I can dig up a photo of how crazily festive her bedroom was last year. Up until this year, she had been insistent on keeping the same Christmas bedding that she has had since she was little. I think the updated bedroom helped us move on from that. And probably being in college too 🤪.

Christmas decor to your bedroom

Fun personalized books

The sign above her bed is also from Smallwood Signs. The personalized books are from this Etsy shop. I just love finding fun decor items from small shops! How fun is that Charlie Brown tree too? We just need to find the red ball ornament that should be on it 😂.

My Son’s Christmas Bedroom

I obviously have to keep the Christmas decor in my 22 year old son’s room quite minimal. In fact, he stopped letting me put Christmas bedding on his bed over ten years ago. But ever since he left for college, he seems to be okay with me changing the pillow covers on his bed. Plus the accent pillow has a dog on it and my son is an avid dog lover so that helped 🦮.

Christmas decor to your bedroom

The cute “25” sign is no longer available in the Etsy shop I bought it from but I bet if you reached out to the owner, she would make it for you if you want!

Christmas decor to your bedroom

As you can see, my son’s room decor is quite minimal. He has his own bathroom too so honestly this room is the best option for guests when they come now that my son is older. The desk in his room used to be my dad’s. We shipped it out to Cali from Wisconsin. I love having such a big memento from my parent’s house growing up. My dad passed away in 2006. My son and him have so much in common – it gives me a sense of peace knowing my son sits at the same desk my dad did so long ago ☺️.

I hope you have found a little bit of inspo here in order to add some Christmas decor to YOUR bedrooms!



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