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Four Fun Ideas for How to Decorate for Fall

August 30, 2022

Using my four fun ideas for how to decorate for fall can make your seasonal home feel extra cozy and welcoming!

Are you ready??!!

It is officially football season, back to school has happened, and now it is time to decorate your home for fall!! YAAAASSS!!

I have spent the last week opening up dusty bins in my garage with last year’s fall decor to see what I still love and also really don’t love.

It has been so fun being creative and finding new ways to use the same decor from years past. As well as adding in some new items.

I currently have a bag or two of old fall stems and faux pumpkins in my garage that are just not floating my boat anymore so I plan on giving them to Goodwill.

Or my daughters – guess it depends on who takes them first ;0!

I am also joining an amazingly talented group of SEVENTEEN bloggers to share absolutely anything and everything you can think of for early fall inspiration with you.

I am telling you – you do not want to miss all this great inspo! And if you are coming here from my beautiful friend Jen at Midwest Life and Style – hi!! Thank you for coming over to my little slice of the world wide web ;).

Jen and I have been blogging buddies since I started my blog (well technically way before that because of Instagram). I cannot tell you how much I love all of her decor ideas and delicious recipes.

So if you are here from her blog – I sure hope you enjoy what you find here with me too which obviously includes home decor!

But I also throw travel guides, planning tips, and life experiences on this website because well hey – I spend a lot of time thinking about all those things and what better person to share my efforts with than YOU!!

Now let’s get started on decorating our houses for fall – shall we??

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In a rush?

Four fun ideas for how to decorate for fall pinterest graphic
Large white bowl on family room table with faux pumpkins gourds and leaves

Gather Real Leaves and Make a Leaf Bouquet

Large white bowl on family room table with faux pumpkins gourds and leaves

When my oldest daughter was a freshman in college in Oregon, we visited her in the fall for parent’s weekend. Since San Diego does not experience a typical fall, we were so excited to have this opportunity to see fall foliage while my daughter attended college.

My youngest daughter was twelve years old at the time and couldn’t believe how big some of the leaves were on a hike we went on as a family.

So she started collecting the humongous leaves and making a “leaf bouquet”. She loved her bouquet so much, she very carefully carried it ON THE AIRPLANE back to San Diego!!

The above “bouquet” is that same leaf collection she gathered – NINE YEARS LATER!!

All this to say – fall decor can be as simple as you make of it. Including collecting leaves or sticks on a hike :).

And yes, I store that above bouquet in a very protected space every year after the season is over ;).

Oh – and my youngest is now a senior at University of Oregon so how fun is it that we have gotten an entire decade of reasons to visit a state that has incredible fall foliage?!

Large white bowl on family room table with faux pumpkins gourds and leaves

The bead strand and small wooden pear in the photo above are from my friend Sherylee’s shop at Decor to the Door.

Put Faux Apples and Pumpkins in Bowls

Four fun ideas for how to decorate for fall paper mache apples in a pumpkin woven bowl

The paper mache apples above are probably one of my most favorite fall decor items :).

I literally have them EVERYWHERE: my front porch, my media center, my kitchen table – you get the drift :).

They are currently on sale too which makes them even more appealing. And the quality is so good, I imagine these apples will be part of my fall decor as long as those Oregon leaves have been.

Or maybe even longer ;).

Four fun ideas for how to decorate for fall two told apples in a marble bowl

Another favorite faux apple I use in multiple places throughout my house are the above gold apples.

They honestly are so pretty and I love the way they look in white bowls around my house ;).

Four fun ideas for how to decorate for fall media center decor with a bowl of paper mache apples and a ceramic pumpkin and vase with leaves

Display A Festive Fall Cookbook on the Kitchen Counter

Four fun ideas for how to decorate for fall kitchen cookbook on a metal cookbook stand and two moscow mule mugs

Almost twenty years ago, I fell in love with the author/artist Susan Branch.

I religiously bought her wall calendar and day planners year after year.

And my mom bought me her Christmas cookbook when I was a newlywed :).

Shortly after that I found her Autumn cookbook and have loved bringing it out every year since!

Use Metal Trays

Four fun ideas for how to decorate for fall kitchen table tray with pumpkin tray and a candle and a vase with wheat in it

Finding stunning metal trays this time of year is quite easy to do.

I have had all of mine for a few years now and love bringing them out for fall and Christmas seasons.

Just remember the rule of threes for all your decor on your trays which means – group things in sets of three making sure to vary the shapes and heights of your items.

Four fun ideas for how to decorate for fall with a metal tray and candle and large jug vase with aspen leaves

Thank you for reading about my four fun ideas for how to decorate for fall. I hope you found lots of inspiring ideas and products to make your own home cozy and welcoming this fall season.

There is so much to love about this upcoming season of change – the crisp air, the anticipation of upcoming holidays, the excitement of knowing there will be gatherings amongst friends and families.

I hope your home is your cozy safe haven for all that is to come :).

Don’t forget to go take a peek at what my friend Brendt is inspiring you with today with five fall console table ideas! She is also one of my blogging besties so I guarantee you will find some great ideas with her!

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Four fun ideas for how to decorate for fall pinterest graphic
Four fun ideas for how to decorate for fall pinterest graphic

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.

~ Unknown

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    Oh my goodness Pasha! I love all the ideas! Everything looks so beautiful

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    Let’s here it for football season! I love that you have those gathered leaves all these years later! Thanks for hosting! šŸ’›

  12. Your home is always so pretty, no matter the season, Pasha! Loveall the ideas, but especially the paper mache apples and the sentimental leaf bouquet. Thanks so much for coordinating this hop! Pinned!

  13. jennifer says:

    I loved all of your fall ideas! Those apples are so pretty! I pinned them to my fall board to share. I have an instagram reel that i’ve been trying to share for the hop but for some reason it’s not letting me post, but I will post it as soon as it lets me šŸ™‚


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