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Getting Ready To Decorate For Fall 🍁

August 15, 2020

Time to think about fall decor!!

Have you started thinking about all things fall? Here in San Diego, we don’t get your typical fall weather. In fact- you could say our summer weather starts in August and goes through November (so if you are looking for what months are the warmest months to visit this sunny destination- think about October!). Just because we don’t have fall weather though, does not mean I don’t do all the fall things… well except Pumpkin Spice Latte’s from Starbucks- I am not a coffee drinker so their drinks just don’t entice me. I know, I know- you are thinking not a coffee drinker? Who doesn’t drink coffee? I am just not a fan of the flavor or what the caffeine does to my system – and yes I need lots of naps during the day!

I am posting this post in August because in case you haven’t noticed- all the fall decor items are in stores and online NOW! So if you are thinking of adding to your collection or changing things up a bit or even starting from scratch- it is quite important to snag those items up because in less than a month- things will be quite picked over. I know it’s hard to think about how you are going to spruce up your home a whole month from now- but I am here to advise you- fall and holiday decor is similar to Costco in that if you see it now, you might not see it in two weeks!! My favorite go to stores for fall and Christmas decor are Pottery Barn, Target, Magnolia Market, and Crate and Barrel. They have all just come out with some really pretty fall items! I have also turned to Amazon for decor items in the last few years (honestly, I am not sure I can survive without Amazon anymore πŸ˜‚). I am telling you- do your shopping NOW! Shopping early for fall decor especially in current times with our pandemic with limited materials and delayed shipping on so many things is more important than every if you want to have a festively decorated house.

I am hoping to change up my fall decor a little bit this year and purchased some fun items last night- I cannot wait to show you what I have planned! Here are some of my favorite items to decorate with during the fall season for you to be looking to purchase NOW with links to many of the items I have purchased:

Pumpkins! Of course! There are so many fun ways you can use pumpkins in your decor- stack them, lay them strategically yet messily in places, as table centerpieces… I intermingle real and faux pumpkins in my decor. Trader Joes has THE BEST cinderella pumpkins but they sell out early also- so again GO EARLY! I have noticed Cinderalla pumpkins do not rot as quickly as regular pumpkins do- they must have a thicker skin than the others – these are also a really fun item to stack in random places in the house!

Apples! Apples in bowls and baskets around your house are such a fun fall decor item! I absolutely love my faux apples that I got last year from Amazon.

Baskets – honestly you can never go wrong with baskets during all the seasons but they are just so cozy with throw blankets and fall pillows in them during this season.

Birch tree sticks– my favorite tree of all time is the Aspen tree. The flutter sound this tree makes in the wind is just so calming to me. A close (and similar second to this tree) is birch trees. It is so easy to find birch tree sticks online but if you are lucky enough to have one of these trees in your area- cut off a few branches and use them on your front porch or around your fireplace mantel!

Hay bales– this one might be obvious but I had to include it! Hobby Lobby has plenty of them available this time of year… but again, they do sell out!

Flowers and wreaths – one of my all time favorite things to decorate with all year round. Wreaths are such a pretty addition to so many different places in a home. My favorite stores for wreaths are Magnolia Market, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and Terrain. I have a whole post on my favorite fall wreaths in the LiketoKnow.it app. I will use faux flowers PLENTY in my decor but real sunflowers are one of my favorites to use this time of year!

Candles! Always and everywhere! These next four months are my favorite for candles! So much goodness for your nose! But I will say- I also have some new great faux timer candles that I am excited to use this season (and they don’t smell πŸ˜‚)…

I hope this post helps inspire you to start looking and shopping early for fall decor and gives you ideas on how to use all the fun fall decor items available! Stay tuned for future posts on how I decorate my house this year for fall and Halloween. I will also be doing some fun posts about my favorite things to do in the fall 🍁.



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  1. […] Getting ready to decorate for Fall 🍁 […]

  2. Susan says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to start decorating for fall.

  3. Robin Christmas says:

    So excited for Fall!!! Great tips!!!

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