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How to Add A Little Bit of Halloween Fun to Your Home

October 3, 2020

Are you wondering how to add a little bit of Halloween fun to your home? I try not to go overboard – just enough to make the house feel festive 👻. Halloween is my husband and oldest daughter’s favorite time of year so I don’t think it would even be acceptable to just ignore this holiday in my house. I can’t say that it is MY favorite because well – Christmas… but it certainly is on the top of my list! And to be honest- Halloween decor can really be quite fun and cheery – which is EXACTLY what we all need right about now in 2020!

how to add a little bit of halloween fun to your home

There are only a handful of spaces that I add Halloween cheer in my house- my kitchen table, my front entryway table, my front porch, and my family room mantel. HOWEVER- I do own a fun posable skeleton that wanders around the house from day to day. My Instagram friends and I named him John Cougar Skelencamp because my husband is an avid guitar player who’s main extracurricular activity (ie- what he does if he’s not at work or spending time with the fam) is to play with a band. The first year John Cougar Skelencamp made an appearance on Instagram (and before he earned his name) – my husband kept putting his guitars in John’s hands and walking away… thus my skeleton has been dubbed JCS…

a little bit of halloween fun

Follow along on my Instagram account this month to see all the shenanigans John gets into with some of his IG buddies as well as a little bit of Halloween fun over there too!

Now on to how to add a little bit of Halloween fun to your home starting with my front porch:

I am guessing you are aware that your porch is the best place for your home to make a first impression. My front porch is hidden from the street (which I mentioned in my post about my fall porch here). Which basically means not too many people see it.. but that’s okay- I still enjoy decorating it and making it festive!

halloween front porch decor

John Cougar Skelencamp can most often be found hanging out on our porch with his dog Frankenweenie. I threw a Levi’s corduroy jacket of my husband’s on him to keep his bones warm at night 😂.

a little bit of halloween fun

To be honest- this Halloween front porch is a little bit busy for my taste, but since I went to the pumpkin patch this week and bought 15 pumpkins, I don’t think minimal was an option at this point… besides the trick or treaters will love it (hopefully we will get some this year with the pandemic that is).

My UPS driver willl enjoy it too I am sure! I put out a basket of Halloween treats for him this year – I know they have been working extra hard with the pandemic and all of us pretty much turning to online shopping for everything nowadays! Have you seen people leaving treats for delivery people at Christmas time? Why not do it with Halloween candies or snacks as well?

fun halloween decor

A Little Bit of Halloween Fun in the Entryway

The second spot I like to change up for Halloween is the table in my front entryway. Honestly this is probably one of my favorite places to decorate for all the seasons! You also see my entryway from quite a few spots in my house so this is one festive space I get to enjoy looking at often myself!

a little bit of halloween fun

Most of these items are from previous Halloween’s – if I was able to find it again or something similar- it is linked or you can find it in the ‘shop my home’ Halloween section at the bottom of this post. The black trees are one of my favorite items here – they are very old but I found some new fun trees that even light up!! I also love those mini buffalo check pumpkins – easy enough to throw those babies around everywhere in the house – and priced perfectly!

a little bit of halloween fun in the entryway

I found a cute metal tea light Halloween house for you that is somewhat similar to the ones I have in my house here in my entry way and also on my kitchen table!

John Cougar Skelencamp posed for me on my stairs!

An Instagram friend of mine made a really pretty pumpkin design on her stairs that I wanted to try out with my own stairs. However two days ago I randomly put John on the stairs to get him out of my way. Well one thing led to another and here John is playing guitar and surrounded by 100 pumpkins 😳. Okay 100 might be an exaggeration but I didn’t really count so maybe it’s accurate?? This is a combination of faux and real pumpkins.

A little bit of Halloween fun

Truth be told- I just went around my house and collected every single plastic white, green, and tan pumpkin I own (small, medium, and large). Mixed those with the real pumpkins I just bought from the pumpkin patch and some faux lambs ear picks from Hobby Lobby and took this photo. Then once I had my energy back (cuz that took a lot of energy to collect all those pumpkins!), I put all those pumpkins back where they originally were for decor 🤪. I would LOVE to leave the stairs looking like this for the whole fall season but honestly it just isn’t practical with the inhabitants of my home 🤷‍♀️.

A little bit of halloween fun

Next place in my house for a little bit of Halloween fun is my kitchen table!

Well well – if it isn’t John Cougar Skelencamp again… this time just hanging out at the kitchen table waiting for some food. Not really… but you guys probably already figured I was teasing about that – didn’t you? At least I hope you did!! 😂

a little bit of halloween fun

This Halloween table runner is literally almost twenty years old from Pottery Barn Kids… but it’s so stinking cute (even with quite a few of the beads missing off of it)! I hope to be using it for many years to come! I did find a super cute one here for you though!

The metal haunted tea light house is also super old from Pottery Barn however I found a similar one here for you guys!

halloween decor on the kitchen table

And the last place for a little bit of Halloween fun? My family room mantel!

Once again- pretty old Pottery Barn decor here – I am sorry about that (not a very good influencer here I know). Honestly – it should tell you something that I have had a lot of this decor for over a decade from Pottery Barn. So even though I know a lot of it is not available this Halloween season at their store – if you see it in the future GRAB IT! I promise you – it will last forever and is so timeless you will enjoy using it for years to come!! Just make sure you have space to store it all!!

halloween mantel decor

I found a similar black candleholder for you at least!!

halloween mantel

Well that is pretty much all the spaces in my house that are Halloweenified… I told you I don’t do a lot but it is honestly just enough to keep me in the Halloween spirit (especially these days 🤪).

Don’t forget to follow along with John Cougar Skelencamp for more of his shenanigans on Instagram – I have quite a few friends that he will be playing with for the whole month of October – watch out for that in my stories!

Looking for some additional festive Halloween inspiration? I highly suggest you go see what Ginger Bones is up to on her blog at The Ginger Home 👻.

a little bit of halloween fun

Shop all my favorite Halloween decor items here and on my Amazon shop!

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