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How To Use Five of My Favorite Fall Wreaths

October 10, 2020

Did you know wreaths are for more than just your front door? Want to know how to use five of my favorite fall wreaths? We are well into the heart of fall season about now. Many bloggers/influencers have pretty much moved on from fall even and are looking ahead to their Christmas decor.

five of my favorite fall wreaths

Heck- I even know a few Instagram friends that have already put up their Christmas trees!! That’s just a tad bit too early for me over here though. But don’t say anything mean to me when all the Christmas boxes come out on November 1st. Just warning you now…

But in the likelihood that you are a relatively normal person (at least as far as decor goes) – I am still going to be sharing some of my fall favorites with you for the next few weeks.

And until I was a Blogger/Instagrammer my fall decor stayed up until the Friday after Thanksgiving anyway. My mom always said Thanksgiving deserves to not be ignored and she is right!

I am throwing a fall dinner party with a handful of my best friends on October 30th. So you can look forward to a few recipe posts (ahem cocktails), fall dinner party tablescapes, and menu ideas coming your way!

But that’s getting ahead of myself here- today I am sharing five of my favorite fall wreaths and where I put them in my house. Because in case you didn’t know- wreaths can be used pretty much EVERYWHERE!

Wreath No. One May Be the Obvious Location of My Front Porch

Okay okay- I really hope you have put a fall wreath on your front door by now! BUT IN CASE YOU HAVEN”T- I absolutely love this one I use!! Truth be told, this one is a good six years old (and look how good it is holding up!).

How to Use Five of My Favorite Fall Wreaths

I am sad to say that the more recent version of my wreath and garland set is already sold out on the Pottery Barn website (man that happens fast!) but I did find this one here that I would totally buy if I didn’t have mine already! I also found this less expensive wreath here for you!

Here is also a leaf garland similar to the one I used . Again mine is about six years old but has held up wonderfully so the investment in the quality of this product is worth it! However, if you are on a tight budget and are trying to get a similar look to what I have here – I found this garland for you! It looks beautiful!

While we are discussing my wreath on my front porch – you can check out my post on everything I did to make my festive fall porch here!

Wreath No. Two is in My Front Entryway

I may have mentioned it before but I think my entryway is one of the prettiest spots in my house πŸ€ͺ. It is honestly such a fun little place to make festive for all the seasons and welcome all guests to my home. HOWEVER – there is a post in the middle of the space that makes getting a straight on shot of this lovely space IMPOSSIBLE!

how to use five of my favorite fall wreaths
See what I mean???? πŸ˜‚

The post is there because there used to be a pony wall separating my living room and my entryway. About five years ago, we took the pony wall out but had to leave the post in because obviously it is a load bearing post…

So I twist and turn my body to get as good of a shot as I can. What do you think- did I do okay?

how to use five of my favorite fall wreaths
Five of my favorite fall wreaths

This wreath is new to me this year – in fact I just got it about a week ago! It is already one of my favorite wreaths so of course it would make sense that I would put it front and center of my house 🧑.

It also goes really well with these quince slices I used in various bowls around the house! I just looked and these slices are already sold out! I am so sorry!!! Geez- guess I should have done this post in August! πŸ˜‚

Love using these quince slices as filler in so many places around the house!

Wreath No. Three is in A Little Nook Space Right Outside My Husband’s Office

If you own a builder grade home (or even just an older home) – you had very little control over most of the architectural decisions your builder made. This silly little space is one of those spaces that I always struggle with and also wonder why the heck did my builder put this here???

However this cute little washstand that my husband and I bought in Maine when we first got married (and were living in NY for grad school) does fit perfectly here so I guess I should stop questioning this space!

I like to hang a seasonal wreath on this mirror and this cute berry one from Magnolia Market hooked me right away!

how to use five of my favorite fall wreaths

Wreath No. Four is Hanging On My Stove Hood in My Kitchen

We are already at number four of five of my favorite fall wreaths! I told you I have many places for wreaths in my house!

This isn’t the original hood in my kitchen. You absolutely need to go check out my post on my kitchen remodel – it originally looked NOTHING like this!

Once we covered our hood with shiplap – this became the perfect place for a seasonal wreath! I love this whole area of my kitchen and adding a seasonal touch front and center is just so festive ☺️.

This wreath is also a few years old and not available anymore but if I were to buy a new one for this space – I have had my eye on this one for quite a while!

In fact – I haven’t put any wreaths upstairs yet. And I already know at least one place that a wreath would look great (it’s in my youngest’s bedroom in case you were wondering). Did you see how we did a grid accent wall in that room? Don’t you think a wreath would look great above her bed???

Don’t you think this room needs a wreath above the bed??

And The Last of Five of My Favorite Fall Wreaths is in My Family Room

I got this vintage shutter about five years ago at the Architectural Salvage store in downtown San Diego (one of my favorite stores in San Diego btw!).

Five of my favorite fall wreaths

Once we put shiplap on this wall – this shutter completed this space. Do you know I did a post on all the accent walls in my home btw? I have a lot of them πŸ˜‚.

This wreath is a classic wheat wreath. You really can’t go wrong with this wreath anywhere in your house in my opinion. It pretty much is in the top four of symbols of fall – right after pumpkins, leaves, and apples – don’t you think?

Do you like my round up of all my favorite fall wreaths? I hope you got a few creative ideas on places to put seasonal wreaths around your house from this post. They are one of the easiest decor items to work with!

Here they all are in one place for you to be inspired by… enjoy 🧑.



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  2. Jennifer says:

    These are all gorgeous wreathes! Such great ideas on where to hang them too!

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