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Dress Up Your Kitchen For Fall

October 13, 2020

I know it is time to start thinking about Christmas in the blogging world but I couldn’t let this season go by without showing you how to dress up your kitchen for Fall. Just in case you are a late starter 🤷‍♀️ (like many of us this year…).

how to dress up your kitchen for fall

I was raised in a family that always prioritized Thanksgiving over Christmas. Which meant my head said under no circumstances are you to decorate for Christmas before Black Friday.

Well – flash forward to joining the Blogging/Instagram world and now Christmas comes out on November 1st. Sorry mom…

Even if I wasn’t a blogger, I have to say- I absolutely love enjoying Christmas decor for two months instead of one! What I haven’t solved yet is how I feel hosting Thanksgiving dinner with the house decked out for the next holiday 😬. Again – Thanksgiving shouldn’t be ignored… but still…

It’s Not Too Late to Dress Up Your Kitchen For Fall!!

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. So it makes perfect sense to have a few favorite fall decor items in the kitchen.

Here are my favorite items to use:

  • Copper Accents
  • Mini Pumpkins
  • Wheat Sheaves
  • Fall Bowls/Cooking Accessories
  • Wreaths
  • Baked Treats
  • Faux Florals and Fruits
  • Seasonal Soaps
  • Candles

My Open Shelves Are Such a Fun Spot to Decorate For the Seasons

Let’s start with my open shelves as they are where I dress up my kitchen for fall the most!

Fall Kitchen

Side note – if you are on the fence about open shelves – I am here to tell you I LOVE THEM! They are probably my favorite change in my kitchen remodel. Well that and the Wolf Range. And the farmhouse sink. And the painted cabinets 😂.

Okay- I guess I love all the changes we made to our kitchen – you can read all about that remodel here!

Back to How I Dress Up My Open Shelves! Let’s Start With Copper Accents:

Over the years, I have collected a few copper accents. Some come from old European towns I have traveled to and some are from my kids as gifts! It’s such a perk having older kids that pay attention to the things I love to collect. Or in my son’s case – a wonderful girlfriend that helps him out :).

The butter warmer is from a small town called Gothenburg, Sweden that we visited in 2019. And the teapot was a treasure we had been searching for that entire trip and finally found in our last stop of Stockholm, Sweden. You can read our Scandinavia itinerary here btw…

And the sugar shaker was my Christmas present from my son last Christmas! I found that little tin cup a few years ago at Macy’s.

I know none of these are items I can link for you to shop however I know it is quite easy to find copper items in vintage shops and markets all the time. Just keep your eye out! I also LOVE having mementos from our travels in my decor to remind me of the hunt to find them. I totally suggest that you do that too.

Aren’t these copper ice cream bowls I bought last year so fun too?

Fall Kitchen

Mini Pumpkins:

The mini plastic pumpkins were a fun find on Amazon. I find the best decor items on that site!

Wheat Sheaths:

These wheat sheaths are one of my favorite fall decor items. However I got this pair many years ago online at Magnolia Market. I have done some googling for you and found something similar here though!

Fall Kitchen

Seasonal Bowls and Cooking Essentials Are A Great Way to Dress Up Your Kitchen!

Now this is a place where you can get so creative! There are soooo many pumpkin bowls and cups out there, bowls with thankful sayings on them, copper bowls, etc etc.

These are the items in my kitchen but again – you can find fall kitchen dishes practically everywhere right now!

How to Dress Up Your Kitchen For Fall

I love these pumpkin bowls! In fact we just used them for stew the other night. They are the perfect size for cereal, ice cream, soups, pretty much anything you would use a bowl for! They are also a cute item to use as a smaller serving bowl. Maybe on the Thanksgiving table??

The little sayings bowls came from Kirkland’s a few years ago. Sadly they do not have them in stock anymore. But I am guessing Home Goods probably has some cute mini fall bowls right now! They always have such festive seasonal items.

My pumpkin cocette on the stove is new to me this year and probably my favorite addition to my fall kitchen! I leave it out all season long and it is perfect for all the fall stews and soups.

Time to Leave the Mixer on the Counter!

It’s that time of year when more baking is done than any other time of the year and I couldn’t be happier to use my mixer as part of how I dress up my kitchen for fall! It is so helpful to leave it right on the counter (and usually with whatever fall goodie I plan to make that day/week)!

How to Dress Up Your Kitchen For Fall

Besides Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread, have you tried the Williams Sonoma bread mixes?? YUM! I shared my family’s pumpkin cookie recipe a few weeks ago as well – did you catch that post? You can find it here if you didn’t :).

How to Dress Up Your Kitchen For Fall

I purchase festive spatulas for every single season of the year. Ask me to show you my spatula collection… I have a lot of them! Of course they only come out on their respective holidays though (don’t worry – I only have Halloween spatulas out right now 🎃).

I also buy seasonal potholders and towels FYI… it’s the little things 😊.

The Kitchen is Such a Fun Place for a Festive Wreath

Did you see my post giving you ideas on places for festive wreaths that aren’t the front door? Well the kitchen is one of those places. I have mine on my hood but I have seen people put them on their pantry doors or even their cabinet doors and it looks soooo cute!

How to Dress Up Your Kitchen For Fall

See my fun spatulas to the right of my stove btw? And of course another pumpkin on my vintage scale (from Etsy!). Can never go wrong with pumpkins everywhere!

Faux Florals and Fruits and Soaps are an Easy Decor Item

I am a little obsessed with these pomegranate stems I found this year… I just bought more of them even! Yup they are that good…

How to Dress Up Your Kitchen For Fall

I buy these Williams Sonoma soaps for all the different seasons. They smell amazing and I love that they come with dish soap, hand soap and counter spray!

I always keep my kitchen soaps on a pretty cake stand. I just recently found this one and it might be the prettiest one I have used yet!

And Always and Always CANDLES!

Candles, candles everywhere! I wrote an entire blog post on how much I love to use fall candles in my decor! Pretty much THE EASIEST way ever to dress up your kitchen for fall! Check out that post for sources on all my favorite fall candles!

How to Dress Up Your Kitchen For Fall

This fall candle smells AHHHHMAZING btw!

I hope this post inspires you to add a bit of this season’s festiveness to your kitchen – it truly adds to the vibe of the holiday!

How to Dress Up Your Kitchen For Fall



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    Oh your kitchen looks great Pasha! I love your fall touches!

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